Together with a network of partners, the upcycled soaps are distributed to improve the sanitary conditions of families in need within Switzerland and abroad.




These partners spread the word

"I wish you could have seen some of the people’s hands that were reaching out for the soap bars to realize how much needed the soaps actually were. The poor sanitary situation leads not only to dirty fingernails, a breeding ground for bacteria, but hands were also flagged with insect bites, infected scratches and even scabies."

Cati Meyer
CHAUBERTIN - Distributor of our soaps among homeless in the Parisian region

"The Restos du Coeur does not only provide food ... Hygiene is of great importance, because who thinks about it? SapoCycle meets this primary but real and permanent need! "

Eddie Waeselynck

"Recycling soaps means committing to the protection of the environment, offering soaps to people in difficulty during the pandemic, is to protect each other and show solidarity."

Lucie Ugolin-Zumbiehl

"A big thank you to Sapocycle for the great soap donations (...) for the production of the school, activity and hygiene sets. Your commitment is just fantastic."

Marit Neukomm

"Supporting SapoCycle is a matter of close to our hearts for us. A great and meaningful idea with a real benefit."

Nils Planzer, CEO & VRP
Planzer Holding AG