A better way to donate

Our mission is threefold

  • Reduce waste
  • Create jobs for people with disabilities 
  • Improve the sanitary conditions for people, families and communities in need.


SapoCycle promotes the use of solid soap

It is a low waste product providing a, from our perspective, necessary component in an eco-friendly lifestyle.

As a gratitude for your donation, we offer you the opportunity to receive and use one of our exclusive one of our Socially Responsible Soap.

All of our products are hand made in Switzerland and France, providing people with disabilities a fulfilling job.

Make your donation and receive our iconic Hüüsli soap

When you donate through the SapoCycle Donate store, you help us to increase the positive impact of our foundation.

  1. Select the product you’d like to receive as a Thank you Gift for your donation.
  2. Choose the amount you’d like to donate.
  3. Press add to Cart / Donate now!
  4. Check-out 1: Complete your contact information and delivery address,
  5. Check-out 2: Choose your payment method. Payments can be made by credit card. Bank transfer is available for donations > 100CHF.
  6. Complete your order.
  7. You’ll receive an order confirmation by email.
  8. Once your payment has been received your Thank-you Gift will be shipped in the first week of the next month. 

For further questions, please, contact us at info@sapocycle.com.

We appreciate your interest in our Foundation SapoCycle.