Swiss (re)made

A Responsible Circular Project

SapoCycle takes pride in partnering with the best hotels of Switzerland. These hospitality specialists want the best for their customers and for the environment. By sending their discarded solid soaps to SapoCycle, they prevent this valuable product from going to waste.

In our atelier in Basel, Switzerland, a dedicated team carefully selects, cleans and refashions the soaps into our iconic Hüüsli.

In 2018, our team upcycled over 2’100 kg of Soap

Together with a network of partners, the Swiss (re)Made soaps are distributed to improve sanitary conditions of families in need within Switzerland and abroad. 

How you can help

For every 10 CHF spent in our Donate Store, you enable us to provide soap to a family for one year.

100CHF allows 6 workers with disabilities to produce 80 soaps.

Our objective is to raise 20.000 CHF through our donate store; providing 2’000 families with soaps for one year.

Buy one - give more!