Support 2 Families

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For each 10 Sfr. donated, SapoCycle will recycle and supply soap to one family in need for one year. 
In return for your donation, we will happily send you this beautiful and socially responsible Swiss (re)Made Hüüsli Soap.

The Hüüsli Façade, set of 8 x 20gr solid soaps. Soaps may vary in color, perfume and texture. 

Our Hüüsli Soaps are 100% Clean, Fair and Sustainable.

Clean All our soaps are carefully selected and cleaned before entering the (re)manufacturing process. Quality & bacteriological tests are performed regularly by an external laboratory.

Fair All our soaps are being refashioned by six dedicated adults with disabilities. They take pride in processing the used hotel soaps into our iconic Hüüsli soaps.

Sustainable All our soaps are recycled from discarded hotel soaps. Recycling soap produces 10 times less CO2 than producing new soap. It also saves valuable resources and prevents more waste from entering landfills. 

Free shipping on donations over 100 Sfr. 

Ships in the first week of each month from Basel, Switzerland. Products only ship within EU and Switzerland.

Donations over 100 Sfr. are eligible for tax deduction in Switzerland. Increase your donation and help us increase our impact. Thank you!